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10 XXL BUBBLEGUM Chunky Acryl Perlen Mix 20mm

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XXL Bubblegum Chunky Perlen

  • Material: Acryl
  • Größe: 20mm
  • Loch: 3-4mm
  • Farbe: Mix
  • Menge: 10 Stück


Round Bubblegum Chunky Acrylic Beads

Opaque Beads, Mixed Color
Size: about 20mm in diameter, hole: 3~4mm

Economy and lightweight are the top reasons to choose colorful Bubblegum Chunky Acrylic Beads. Blend colors and sizes for large designs that are comfortable to wear. It can be matched with hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earring, bracelets and so on.

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Not suitable for kids. Intended for adults only!


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